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i'm not cool enough for a mini-biography. ho hum...


i'm in gryffindor!

art, badges, badly drawn boy, beauty and the beast, beck, ben folds, ben folds five, ben kweller, benicio del toro, billy corgan, bob dylan, bohemia, boondock saints, brian setzer, brian setzer orchestra, buttons, cake, cannibal the musical, coloring, concerts, connor macmanus, dancing in the rain, david della rocco, dean martin, dogma, donnie darko, dreams, dropkick murphys, elephant riding, elliott smith, everything is illuminated, fastball, fiona apple, five iron frenzy, flogging molly, frank sinatra, frank zappa, garbage, getting hugs, ghost world, giving hugs, grandaddy, harry and the potters, il duce, incubus, independent films, jack johnson, jethro tull, jim morrison, john lennon, john mccrea, kids in the hall, love, mad caddies, mae, mclusky, mighty mighty bosstones, modest mouse, movies, murphy macmanus, muse, music, mxc, norman reedus, oasis, office space, pearl jam, peter frampton, phantom of the opera, phantom planet, photography, playing with fire, poetry, politically incorrect, pure rock fury, pusa, radiohead, rain, reading, reel big fish, relient k, rocko's modern life, rooney, rush, sean patrick flanery, side burns, sixteen candles, ska, slackers, sloan, smashing pumpkins, stars, student films, summer, system of a down, tattoos, tenacious d, the bens, the breakfast club, the detroit cobras, the doors, the goonies, the moldy peaches, the stray cats, the verve, the voodoo glow skulls, they might be giants, thornton, thrift shops, thunderstorms, vegetarianism, vhs or beta, vincent d'onofrio, vitalic, west side story, wilco, writing